Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Hello everyone!

I recently started reading a book that so far has inspire me a lot, Urban Aboriginals a Celebration of Leathersexuality by Geoff Mains, (and I know many of you have read it) In the foreword of the 20Th anniversary edition, the last two paragraphs are very meaningful to me, and I feel like sharing it with you...

"Yet in the social and ecological crises that may threaten much of world society; in our inability to meet what is basically human and animal at the same instant; in our search for meaningful relations between people and places; in our attempts to find significant perspectives; in all of these there is need for reconciliation.

Leathermen have taken an important step toward this. What is for them a deeply moving and highly personal world, lends itself unwittingly to larger significance. Leathermen have, I believe, created a form of tribal culture that finds both perspective and identity through the recognition of heavily suppressed but vital human capacities. And in achieving this recognition, they find balance."

Family; I want you to think about these thoughts, and consider reconciliation with the ones, that aren't in your "buddy list", and for whatever reason you have separated yourself from them, let go, reach out and include them; we are family! and we should care for each other, and support each other. When one of us is falling, extend a hand, offer help, or a shoulder for them to cry.
Wasting our time looking for what others aren't doing right (base in our own criteria) and gossiping for the sake of it, because we run out of ideas to write or talk about, isn't the solution for our problems, we ALL are humans, we ALL make mistakes, we ALL are here in this world, we ALL are brothers and sisters!!! think about it...

I love you ALL, with ALL my heart. You are my family!