Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I found the Shaman at Dore Alley

Last Thursday night I received and instigating phone call, my Bro was on his way to SFO for Dore, I said I'm in... The silver Mustang, the dark electro beats, the beginning of a brotherhood, the paradisaical views, the ethanol and the hope to find the Shaman to ask for healing; were the things that travel with me for nearly 5 1/2 hours that took us to get there from the city of angels, pretty fast huh? later I found my Bro was speeding at 120 mph and I didn't even feel it, boy that car was smooth.
We arrived at the Love Manners around 10, we got ready and hit the bars, late that night after looking around for the Shaman with no luck, we decided to go to new spot in the leather scene Chaps II place where I went for the first time with Mr Rosi and I vividly remember our encounter in the only restroom that the bar has (yellow hanky anyone?) the place was busy and I was enjoying a conversation with a friend, who minutes later end up knocking at the exit door like a bar back, after he took the instigation of my Bro LOL... and just like that there he was! The Shaman, looking better the ever with a beer bottle in his right hand, shirtless and sexy as hell OMG my knees were so week, I felt someone shacked the floor, my tingling dick and my bleeding heart, met in a shortcut inside my chest, while my empty stomach filled up with butterflies, yes I am pussy. The rest of the night was unpredictable, and all I can say is AWESOME.
So waking up at Love Manners with the best host there is the next morning, is the kind moments that you guys wanna have in your live, Mr Re-porn is just the friend anyone needs and I am bless to have him in my life (spell sweet). I went to the gym with Po, and we eat in some lil cafe in Market St, over ice tea and grilled chicken breast, we agreed to start a new journey in our lives; TOGETHER! I am happy, I found the shaman, I found the healer...

(Shamanism refers to a range of traditional beliefs and practices concerned with communication with the spirit world. Practitioners of shamanism are known as shamans.
Shamans have the ability to diagnose and cure human suffering and, in some societies, the ability to cause suffering
. This is believed to be accomplished by traversing the axis mundi and forming a special relationship with, or gaining control over, spirits. Shamans have been credited with the ability to control the weather, divination , the interpretation of dreams, astral projections, and traveling to upper and lower worlds. Shamanistic traditions have existed throughout the world since prehistoric times.)

That night was the BOP dance all I can remember is the next day though, I was still pealing latex from my head, yes you guys he Thorn it out didn't he? I love you Bro!
Po went to work at the street fair, we got ready for Dorey, dirty jock, thigh-highs, fuck me tank, and the pink hanky, which surprisingly not many people knew the meaning so here is a link for you guys to check out the hanky code, (pink is not worn out fister you guys is dildos)
The best part of the weekend was without a doubt to see all my brothers and sisters gathering together in unity, at this event, where one more time the brotherhood, the Trust, Honor & Respect credo of our tribe were present, and followed by everyone. I am so proud of my family and I am looking forward to be around them again
.... the ends.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I was around.

OK OK OK... I am back home after a long ass trip around the east coast. First I went to Philadelphia invited to judge the Mid Atlantic Leather Sir boy; by one of the sweetest guys in the Leather Community, Justin C. this kid worked so hard to have and excellent contest and he definitely did; the contestants were the finest you can find, the emcee Tyrannosaurus Regina was unbelievable, and the panel of judges were nothing less than extraordinary, the Philly stakes the best of the best! The Bike Shop what a great place, and the door man... woof! he is just a good excuse to come back to the place; boy what a man! I don't want to forget about the fish next door; you guys gotta go to the Bike Stop and ask about the fish next door (LOL)
Philadelphia is without a doubt a fascinating city, with small blocks, lots of history, and a great leather vibe, I had the chance to meet great people and to enjoy myself .
I wish the best to the new title holders and I know they will do well in the international contest next October.

So I came back home for few days; 3 I think... in no time, I was saying hello to my TSA friend Bob again, (he doesn't know he is my friend shhh), but he is always checking my ID at the gate; he is part of my trips, he is always there, therefore he is my new friend... This time I was on my way to New Orleans, DC, and back to Philly.

New Orleans, hot, steamy, Cajun, big ass bears, hurricanes, and lots of people, OMG a lil overwhelming at times, I stayed at very nice hotel in the French Quarter, me and DCW got to meet Shady, "I ain't got no fries..." so if you have the time stop by MCD's and say hello, just pay attention to the door guys asking for rides... fascinating!

ABW was a real gathering of Leather celebrities, the panel of judges was prime, from very important sources of the leather world in America though, so my respects and salutes to ALL of them. The contest was awesome my uncle (and his hair) emceed it just like no one else can, the producers were extraordinary, and the whole crew, the production, everything just right. The contestants blew my mind, especially the one with the aqua green eyes and reddish hair that was so extremely beautiful, and well spoken, I can see her cowgirl ass getting big big accomplishments in her life and in our community. Congratulations to the winners! btw that leg harness looked amazing on you Mr. ABW. The cute note of the weekend was that on Sunday night we all got together at a bar to celebrate the American Brotherhood Weekend, with fry chicken and good drinks, watching Miss Universe 2008 and my girl (Miss Venezuela) WON! I was so happy, YES! I made a big deal about it. It was something being in a leather event watching a beauty pageant, I guess we all love beauty queens don't we? ;)
On Monday, I was on my way to DC my aunt died after being sick for long time. R.I.P.
I spend time with my family in Fairfax, I went to the mall with my other aunt, she is so much fun to hang out with. The time with my family was short, I wish I could be there longer but my responsibility as IML was calling me again, I was coming back to Philly to be a judge for IDL what a treat!

Being around deaf people is a trip. I was more than once almost in tears of joy, looking around and hearing the loudness of their ASL the laugh, and the love there is between them, it was something! I am telling you being in the other side of the fence, where I couldn't understand their language, made me realize how much we are missing, but we are all humans, and we just can do so much right?... I was in another galaxy perhaps, were people can communicate with their eyes, with their hearts, with their souls, with ASL! What really really impress me was the blind/deaf community (God can you please explain why?) and this guys were having a blast a laughing, meanwhile I felt like this life we live is just extraordinary and sometimes we take for granted what God gave us...

The contest was so good, the emcee was so vivid and entertaining, that I forgot he was not speaking, OMG what a great weekend! (I got to see the bell and it's crack) My BFF was there with me the whole entire time and I enjoyed every minute of his company,(it's so good when I see my good friends) I'm looking forward to see him again, and spend some time in his new apartment in the middle of the capital.

Now back home, dealing with the reality of life again; one of my lil nephews just died, he was only 5 :( R.I.P. ... someone told me in Philly "life is only one, and we have to enjoy every minute of it"

I hope Mr. Rosi feels better soon, maybe we can fight over dumplings again in no time... you are the secret ingredient Po.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


OK I got back home last night from SFO pride... but first I want to talk about FLL pride. (THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME) It was the weekend of June 20th, it was fun they treated me like royalty, the guys at the RAMROD were extremely nice to me, they had a welcome reception on Friday night, the bar was packed, what a cool space I felt great! they made banners with my name on it so big that I was overwhelmed with them, I have never seem my name written in such a big font (the U.P.S. guy just dropped one of them here as I am typing) The guys at Leatherwerks were without a doubt one of the friendliest and outgoing people I have ever met, definitely FLL rocks! I had the opportunity to spend time with 26 and 27 it was so cool to hang out with them and enjoy Thai food and a great conversation sharing experiences as IMLs and live in general, I really bound with my brothers and I am so glad I have them in my life, one of the high lights of the weekend was that I had the opportunity to reconnect with the a beautiful part of my past, all the feelings are emotions were redeveloped and it felt that the time never went by, those blue eyes and that sexy smile made my heart bit really fast, is all good when we fix things that were broken and we tight the knots at the right time. DCW is back an stronger than ever. The weekend was wet and with tons of thunder storms, the actual parade was really something I could not believe the amount of people who was there even though the rain was falling hard, It was a demonstration of our pride, the slogan in my mind was: we are here, we are queer and we support our pride! Thank you so much FLL for such a wonderful time, I’ll be back really, really soon. So then it was the SFO pride, last weekend, OMG! there is no comparison what a big parade and the amount of people was incredible, the only thing in my mind the whole entire time was why haven't we achieved what we deserve yet, if we are so many and so powerful? I guess the answer for that is very complex, but I know in my heart we’ll do anything to obtain all the rights we deserve. SFO was cold, great to be out all geared up in leather and be in the middle of so many people, it was like an a/c city to me, you know I live in Palm Springs and anything cooler than 115 degrees is paradise to me lol... I want to make a public apology to the leather contingent because I made it to the parade just in time to jump to the truck and I didn’t have much time to hang out with you guys, but I had another compromise with a company that flew me there for work, and I needed to be responsible with them, I hope all of you understand. The time I spend with my dear Mr. Rosi was magnificent... and to learn about martial arts and pinkies was a real trip right BO? tee teezz a bizness....