Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Speech

Gary Iriza
IML Speech

In 1987 Chuck Renslow said, This is a celebration known as International Mr. Leather – a celebration of life and love.Today, on the 30th anniversary of IML, we are once again celebrating our life and our love.
Let’s be glad, because celebrations like this are not accepted everywhere in the world. For example, in my home country of Venezuela, homosexuality and HIV are taboo.
In the United Kingdom, The Spanner Trust still fights for our rights. (PAUSE)
Sadly, in many countries, including the U.S., some people believe homosexuality is a free ride to hell.
And the list goes on . . . (solemnly)
What can we do to eliminate this awful ignorance? We all must:
First – Understand our history and not repeat mistakes.
Second – Harness the two awesome, awesome powers that we have – the youth and the established.Old guard, you teach us; New guard, you reach us.”
Third and above all – we all must stand together, and stay together, as tight as a metal cock ring and bound in unity. (PAUSE)
Brothers and Sisters, would you please stand with me?
Thank you!

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