Wednesday, June 11, 2008

LA Pride

Saturday afternoon I drove from Palm Springs to the Mr. CSW contest at the Erotic City section of the festival; it was a hot afternoon, I met with the tribe and bitched about the heat, so George W. suggested to take my shirt off, oh boy; I'm glad I did...
Hobbit and I, enjoyed the contest and also one of the longest step down speeches ever OMG! (I don't mean to offend anyone though) but it was a lil much seriously... the contest was great, a good gathering and fun times, the winner Michael was very happy, good luck to him next year at LAL.
Later I went dancing with Meatball, his BF, and a lil sweet boy, that kept me busy for a good while. Next morning I ran with few inconveniences trying to get to the parade, but I actually made it. It was fun tons of cute people and happy faces, after that I walked around the festival met with my buddies, met new people, took pictures, I had fun; I also saw a good friend of mine that I hadn't seeing in long time, it was sweet to held him in my arms a talked to him, he is moving to Sweden in a month but at least we'll stay in touch, I will miss him (again). So the music was kicking the team DJ (I never got their names) made the crowd while and very energetic, so I shacked what my mama gave me, fun times for real. To end the night I went to see Olivia and her physical and hopelessly devoted concert, with my Swedish pal. I felt really good about the whole experience, it was my first duty as IML, and I felt the love and welcoming hearts around me. It was great! Here is a picture of my brothers and sash wife of the leather contingent, oh BTW Mike was so happy with "all his children".

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